Ontotext is a semantic technology lab of Sirma Group Corp. It was founded in year 2000 and at present employs about 30 researchers and engineers. Ontotext is focused on research and core technology development for knowledge discovery, management, and engineering, Semantic Web and Web services. Ontotext’s technology delivers real-world applications in Web services and Enterprise Application Integration, KM and Text-mining, BI, Life Science, and Media Research.

Ontotext is a leading Semantic Web technology developer, being: (1) the developer of the KIM semantic annotation platform, (2) the lead developer of the wsmo4j Semantic Web Services API and the WSMO Studio service development environment, (3) the developer of OWLIM – the fastest and most scalable OWL semantic repository, (4) a major co-developer of GATE language engineering platform, (5) a major co-developer of Sesame semantic repository. Sirma Group Corp. is the R&D back-bone of SIRMA. It is one of the oldest and biggest software houses in Bulgaria, at present top-3 software producer in Bulgaria with more than 200 employees. In 2007 Sirma was awarded as “Most Successful Bulgarian Company in FP6”.

Website: http://www.ontotext.com/