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Jul 02 2012

RENDER research in the Wikipedia Signpost

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RENDER research has made it twice into the “Wikipedia Signpost“:

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Jan 30 2012

Wikipedia Map Interface

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Check out the Wikipedia Map Interface developed by RENDER! The map is generated out of all geotagged articles in a dozen different language Wikipedias. The dynamic interface allows to zoom into the map and check out the individual articles. The different languages display a strong bias over the different languages.

Find the Wikipedia Map Interface here:

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Oct 25 2011

ISWC 2011 Poster: How to represent Knowledge Diversity

RENDER is proud that the poster “How to represent Knowledge Diversity” by Andreas Thalhammer, Ioan Toma, Rakebul Hasan, Elena Simperl and Denny Vrandecic has been accepted at the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) 2011 in Bonn, Germany.

Information on the Web includes a huge diversity of opinions, viewpoints, sentiments, emotions, and biases. Accordingly, more and more methods, techniques and tools are available to extract these semantics from text. Representation and exchange of diversity-related information can be easily supported by the use of semantic technologies. For this, we introduce the Knowledge Diversity Ontology (KDO).

Download the poster

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Jul 20 2011

Talk: “Towards a diversity-minded Wikipedia”

Fabian Flöck gave an interesting talk on the topic “Towards a diversity-minded Wikipedia” at the ACM 3rd International Conference on Web Science in Koblenz, Germany. You can find his talk on as well as in our presentations section. The corresponding paper can be downloaded here.

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Nov 02 2010

First deliverable: Project factsheet

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The first deliverable has just been released last week. It is a two page overview of the project, it’s partners, and some core figures. Find it here: RENDER Project factsheet

You can also find an overview over the upcoming deliverables on this site.


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