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Feb 09 2012

DiversiWeb2012 – DiversiWeb workshop @ WWW2012

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RENDER is very happy to announce the Second International Workshop on Knowledge Diversity on the Web (DiversiWeb2012). The workshop will take place during the next WWW’12 in Lyon, France from 16th to 20th April, 2012.

Find the workshop website here:

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Oct 25 2011

ISWC 2011 Poster: How to represent Knowledge Diversity

RENDER is proud that the poster “How to represent Knowledge Diversity” by Andreas Thalhammer, Ioan Toma, Rakebul Hasan, Elena Simperl and Denny Vrandecic has been accepted at the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) 2011 in Bonn, Germany.

Information on the Web includes a huge diversity of opinions, viewpoints, sentiments, emotions, and biases. Accordingly, more and more methods, techniques and tools are available to extract these semantics from text. Representation and exchange of diversity-related information can be easily supported by the use of semantic technologies. For this, we introduce the Knowledge Diversity Ontology (KDO).

Download the poster

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May 18 2011


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International Workshop on DETecting and Exploiting Cultural diversiTy on the Social Web

24 Oct 2011, Glasgow, UK
co-Located with CIKM 2011

With the constantly increasing reach of the Web in general and Social Media in particular, more and more people of different nationalities, cultures, origins and beliefs contribute and access online information. These differences express themselves in language, habits, behavioural patterns, socio-cultural norms and values. They also strongly influence the way users provide and formulate content as well as the way they request, acquire, interpret and access information. Therefore, the detection and use of cultural differences and diversity will become more and more a key challenge in both, Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management.

With our workshop we aim at bringing together researchers and practitioners dealing with inter-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-national information environments in distinct contexts, and discover synergies between their research fields.

The workshop is co-located with CIKM 2011. Accepted DETECT papers will be published in the CIKM’11 workshop proceedings, which will be distributed on CD and indexed by the ACM Digital Library.

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