This section describes five main stakeholder groups of DiversiNews: the external stakeholders government, media, and general public and the two end-user stakeholders private person and enterprises.

Government (in particular European Union)

Democratic governments, in this context in particular the European Union, are interested in an independent and free access to news. Freedom of expression and media is a basic human right as well as a challenging task in the digital age. The EU High Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism claims a number of tasks and focuses of the European Union according the freedom of expression and media (Vīķe‐Freiberga, et al., 2013 ):

  • Ensure the un-discriminatory access to impartial news for the population for reflecting a wide range of opinions in news without an inadequate effort.
  • Encouragement of pluralism in media in general.
  • Warrant the dissemination of European news.
  • Consider the changing media landscape in respect of development of new technologies and new business models.
  • Ascertain that providers insure the transparency of the news service.
  • Verify the neutrality of the news service provider and the mechanisms through which the news are transmitted.

DiversiNews pursues interests of the European Union according to the described tasks.
The un-discriminatory access and the neutrality of mechanisms and content are obtained by providing a central and neutral search engine for all news available on the internet. The pluralism in media is ensured by coverage of the entire news amount on the internet and the capability to select between diverse opinions and sentiments. In order to give complete transparency as how individualized the news results depending on selected options are, the user is able to turn off the personalization.


DiversiNews has a significant impact on the media landscape and activities according data-recall facility and comparison of the quality. DiversiNews provides a central access to worldwide news and enables topic-related search of relevant input data for news articles.
Based on central availability and resulting comparability of news the pressure on media increases to achieve higher content quality of news and neutrality.
Furthermore DiversiNews promotes a development of an adequate check and balances environment to prevent misuse of power based on capability to uncover partial news on the internet (Tehranian, M., 2002).

General public

The general public is interested in having access to impartial news. Impartial news are the basis for free opinion formation of the general public. On the internet available news are public goods. Public goods are goods that are consumed for free. Hence, it is necessary to establish performance measurement criteria, because of absence of a monetary performance appraisal. DiversiNews provides the technical feasibility for pre-processing and representation of news from diverse sources, thus DiversiNews enables a news comparison to prevent a unidirectional apprehension. DiversiNews’ advantage over a filter-only solution is the prevention of insulated and less engaged communities.
Encouragement of pluralism in media helps to establish a neutral and independent opinion formation of the general public and to avoid negative impact on democracy through falsified reporting.


Private person as a user has similar interests to the general public in quality evaluation of news.
In addition, no private user can keep up with the overwhelming volume of news produced each day. Therefore, search engines are necessary to find and structuring the required news articles to enable an optimal exploitation of available information. Structuring the news can be fulfilled by selecting and refining these by opinions and sentiments. The summarization functionality facilitates the feasibility of handling the amount of news articles.


Enterprises as stakeholders profit by DiversiNews in consequence of better exploitation of available news on the internet and precise appraisal of economic facts. News among others are raw materials for economic analysis, forecasts and benchmarking resulting from more neutral and faster justification.