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May 13 2013

RENDER project participates in ESWC EU Project Networking session

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The RENDER project participates in the ESWC EU Project Networking session.

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May 06 2013

RENDER project sponsors ESWC

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The RENDER project is sponsoring this year’s ESWC.

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Aug 08 2012

RENDER Tools and Demos

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RENDER is developing a number of tools that are concerned the reflection and leverage of knowledge diversity in different settings and applications. In the following we will give you a short introduction to this tools. All tools and demos are available at

Knowledge Diversity in Wikipedia

The RENDER Toolkit for Knowledge Diversity in Wikipedia contains a collection of tools to improve diversity in Wikipedia:


Analysis and Visualization of diversity in Twitter data


Visualizing the inequality of authorship in a Wikipedia article

Interactive Modelling Tool

Interactive diversity analysis based on social media data


Module providing a diversity-aware view on posts

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Jul 02 2012

RENDER research in the Wikipedia Signpost

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RENDER research has made it twice into the “Wikipedia Signpost“:

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Jun 21 2012

RENDER collaborating with other EU projects @ESWC 2012

The RENDER project was presented during the EU project networking session co-located with the 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2012).

As a result of the networking session, points of potential collaboration were identified and RENDER established contact with a number of EU projects:

  • X-LIKE (Cross-lingual Knowledge Extraction),
  • ENVISION (ENVIronmental Services Infrastructure with ONtologies),
  • LOD2 (Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data),
  • ViSTA-TV (Video Stream Analytics for Viewers in the TV Industry),
  • IKS (Interactive Knowledge Stack).

More information about collaborative EU projects can be found here:

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