RENDER Extensions: MediaWiki

The Idea

Wikis are a popular tool for knowledge management and sharing. But only one point of view on a specific topic can be presented in a Wiki article at a time.

RENDER is therefore developing extensions for the MediaWiki Software that enables to show variations or differing views of certain facts in an article.

Knowledge Diversity Toolkit

The RENDER Toolkit for Knowledge Diversity in Wikipedia contains a collection of tools. It provides a central access point to current and future results, data sets, and offers interested users and researchers a participation channel for testing, assessing and commenting on these tools.

wikipedia map


wikipedia map

Wikidata aims to create a free knowledge base about the world that can be read and edited by humans and machines alike. It will provide data in all the languages of the Wikimedia projects, and allow for the central access to data in a similar vein as Wikimedia Commons does for multimedia files. Wikidata was initialized by the RENDER project in an effort to diversify Wikipedia, and it is proposed as a new Wikimedia hosted and maintained project.

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