RENDER Extensions: Drupal

The Idea

Drupal is a widely used, open source Content Management System (CMS) and Framework (CMF) for building and managing many different kinds of websites.

The extensions RENDER is building will enable users to easily add metadata about the diversity of Drupal objects and will provide tools to help authoring unbiased contents in Drupal or at least show the content's bias in relation to other contents.

Get involved:
Questions, Ideas and Resources

We want YOUR ideas, questions and collaboration for building knowledge-diversity-enabling extensions to Drupal! Below you find resources for getting involved as a developer and a forum to discuss your ideas, questions and remarks.

Mind the possibilities

When you are having ideas how to improve Drupal, keep in mind the possibilities of the technology developed in RENDER for opinion mining, fact coverage, representation and more. To get an overview, check out the deliverables section.

First Prototype

The first Prototype developed is based on generating metadata according to the Knowledge Diversity Ontology (KDO) developed in RENDER. Therefore Drupal Object Metadata is transformed to RDF to be used with the KDO to express semantic diversity relations bewteen objects. For example if a text object contains a certain opinion or has a certain bias. This is done via a dedicated editor. (A detailed description will be available soon).

Further extensions will add the possibility to interlink Drupal object metadata with Linked Open Data. This will make it e.g. possible to compare which facts are contained in a text object and which could be added, relevant to it's topic, to make it more balanced in it's view.




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