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    When are you guys going to allow users to allocate by prgnectaee instead of number of flattr clicks? Also, when can I expect to be able to link my flattr to my listens on last.fm?

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    Field:It also doesn’t answer the qutesion why Exxon who profited $35 billion in 2009 paid no US income taxes, but paid $15 billion in taxes to foreign entities. That’s quite a bit of change. Exxon isn’t paying taxes and its not creating jobs in the US either, there goes the theory of tax cuts to create jobs. So much for that Laffer Curve, it works like a charm.I am not economist, only my limited knowledge from taking ECO101 in college. I am having this discussion because I am curious and want a better understanding, but this laffer Curve still smells of supply-side economics from the 80s and from what I’ve seen didn’t turn out so well as the Reagan Administration had to raise taxes from overspending. I cannot stress that point enough. This is a fairytale and it’s biting us in the ass at this moment. Bruno you have not shown any data for the 47%. Back up it with facts and not some video on You Tube. I don’t think I have look up so much data since college.

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