Jun 07 2011

OWLIM version 4.0 (beta) released

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Ontotext announced the release of OWLIM version 4.0 (beta). OWLIM 4.0 is a major development for the OWLIM family of RDF Databases and offers a number of fundamental changes aimed at better differentiation between the editions of the product as well as some important new features and enhancements.

With this release, Ontotext have rebranded their line of OWLIM editions and introduced a new member of the family:

  • OWLIM Lite is the new name of SwiftOWLIM
  • OWLIM SE (Standard Edition) is the new name of BigOWLIM; it is positioned as a single-server product,
  • OWLIM Enterprise is an extension of OWLIM SE, which includes the Replication Cluster capabilities. It is priced and sold as a separate product intended for scalable, high-resilience, mission-critical installations, offering extended online re-configuration and other features which improve manageability

Scalability to 1 trillion nodes: A brand new indexing mechanism has been developed for OWLIM SE that uses a configurable bit-size for internal identifiers of nodes in the RDF graph (URIs, blank nodes and literals). For very large datasets, the bit-size can be set to 40 bits, allowing up to 1 trillion unique entities to be stored.

Faster SPARQL 1.1 Query support: Thanks to Ontotext’s investment in development resource for the Sesame project, all OWLIM editions now boast support for this evolving SPARQL standard. While handling of SPARQL 1.1 through Jena was fast enough to allow OWLIM to get excellent scores in the latest BSBM evaluation, using SPARQL 1.1 through Sesame makes it even faster and available in all editions of OWLIM. SPARQL 1.1 Query specification offers new features such as: Aggregates, Subqueries, Negation, Expressions in the SELECT clause, Property Paths, Assignment, Short form for CONSTRUCT and an expanded set of functions and operators. Federation will be supported in a subsequent release.

Easy server deployment: every edition of OWLIM includes re-packaged Sesame Web applications for easy deployment of OWLIM servers. Now OWLIM can be deployed simply by copying a WAR file. New OWLIM repository instances can be created using the Sesame Workbench UI administration tool.

There are number of other new features for specific editions:

  • OWLIM SE now provides a remote notification mechanism that includes transaction information.
  • Performance analytics: OWLIM SE provides information on cache utilization and behaviour through a JMX interface. This feature can be useful when investigating loading behaviour and query performance.
  • OWLIM Lite is now packaged as a single jar file, with a simpler free-for-use licensing scheme.

Note: This beta release can not be used with existing OWLIM storage files. The full release due in couple of weeks time will include an automatic upgrade facility for updating files created using previous versions.

More information on OWLIM can be found here: http://www.ontotext.com/owlim

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