Showcase Scenario

Within the RENDER project the scope of application of news is relevant due the fact that vast amount of data from diverse sources on the entire internet is generated each day. The vast amount of news data is available in various forms on the internet. Hence, an end user would need an unreasonable length of time and effort to merge the needed news of diverse sources and of various forms, to sort these in an appropriate form and to evaluate the quality of their content.

It ist a complex challenge to find the diversity or similarity of the news, to sort in appropriate form and represent these in a usable form for the user. Furthermore, adequate filter and visualization methods are required to provide an individualized presentation of the news for the user. Hence, DiversiNews should serve for execution of searches of news, presentation of search results and news summaries. In addition, configuration options allow a user to adapt different aspects of diversity in own needs, e.g. news source location, topic focus, sentiment or choice of algorithm.

In accordance with the functionality, DiversiNews creates a framework for a user to get central access to a comprehensive news overview. Further on, DiversiNews encourages the development of unrestricted opinion-formation and impartial news. Additionally, considering the central access to news and refining the search results in view of specific needs, the opinion formation gets simpler and intuitive.